Current Members of the New Fauves

Path Through the Meadow
"Path Through the Meadow"
by Kathleen Elsey
works on canvas   16 x 20

The New Fauves currently are:

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Exhibiting the New Fauves

We welcome the chance for group shows featuring some or all of the members of our group. We feel that the style of Fauve Art is even more impressive when shown in number and among art that shares the same esthetic. That is, one work of Fauve art won't look good among a group of highly realistic paintings, but en masse a room full of Fauve Art is a knockout. A group exhibit of The New Fauves would be a major event.

Rates of commission would be negotiated depending on the venue, advertising, framing, shipping, travel expenses, etc. Naturally, a fairly large space with good walls would be essential. We are easy to deal with and amenable to new ideas. You may contact Ken Christensen to discuss proposals or any other member.

Ken Christensen
P.O.Box 14301
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Joining the New Fauves

The New Fauves welcomes new members. This is not a fancy club with a lot of rules or dues. We welcome serious professional painters who work in the Fauve manner (we are not overly strict in this. Consider the wide variety of styles even among the famous French Fauves, Derain, Matisse, Braque, Marquet, Van Dongen, and others). We ask you to join us in promoting this style of art and perhaps participating in group exhibits and paint-outs. The only expenses are mutually sharing our costs of advertising, web site, and other miscellaneous that may arise.

If you are interested, contact any of us, or write and send photos of your work to:

Ken Christensen
P.O.Box 14301
San Luis Obispo, CA, 93406

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